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Carolinas Aviation Museum

The Carolinas Aviation Museum is an aviation museum on the grounds of Charlotte Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It is one of a not very many aviation museums situated at an air terminal which fills in as a noteworthy center (Charlotte is the #2 center for American Airlines). Its focal point fascination is the Airbus A320 utilized on US Airways Flight 1549.

The museum was established in 1992 by Floyd and Lois Peithman Wilson, and has a gathering of more than 50 static air ship and numerous littler notable things identified with aviation in North Carolina and South Carolina. The vast majority of the gathering comprises of Cold War military air ship, including a few notable stream flying machine from the 1950s and 1960s. A few airplane originated from the shut Florence Air and Missile Museum, in Florence, South Carolina.

Please visit the business of one of our regular supporters.

4672 1st Flight Dr, Charlotte, NC 28208, USA

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